Spektral Ink Films was founded in the pursuit of exploring stories of real people that define what it really means to be human. Through our documentaries and narrative films we aim to explore and share the stories and causes that inspire us the most and open our eyes to new perspectives and different points of view.
Founder / Director
Thisara founded Spektral Ink Films with the goal of exploring and highlighting the fundamental issues faced by people around the world and the events that shape these communities. Having had the privilege of traveling and living around the world at a young age, Thisara has developed a passion for exploring different cultures and backgrounds. Thisara's work is a testament to the stories of the people that inspire him and the causes and situations that he feels needs more awareness. His goal is to share these stories with the world through narrative and documentary film.
With a curiosity for perspective, Leela has traveled the world with a desire to connect across cultures and socio-economic barriers. With a background in psychology, she has worked in refugee camps in different countries and stages of crisis learning and growing from the enormous capacity of people to be resilient through great hardship. Leela's mission at Spektral Ink Films is to shed light on the truths of the world and promote the glowing sense of compassion that is woven through our narratives that begs you to relate.
Spektral Ink Films was founded by Director and Filmmaker Thisara Pinto. Our goal is to tell human stories that we think needs more awareness and exposure through the visual medium. In the modern world, the voice that is carried through the visual medium can reach more people in far corners of the world that ever before - and as filmmakers with understand the power and responsibility of this gift. Our team is comprised of people that live and breath the values of what can make us better and lead by example.